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Case Studies

Case Studies

Healthcare Solution

In today’s environment with value-based care taking the lead and the meaningful usage of systems are no more an obligation but compulsion, there are too many restrictions in the work flow of the traditional electronic health records.

IOT Wearable apps

Wearable IOT 

With nearly 800,000 people being affected by stroke each year, 90% of them experience stroke for the first time in life.
It also leaves the US government with huge financial impact, it has been observed that the government spending in the care for stroke patients is about $34 Billion dollars year on year.

IOT Wearable apps

Healthcare Mobile Apps

US healthcare spending has been increasing consistently over the years, it is not only the concern of the government and payors, even the patient payment responsibility has also increased substantially.
Given the data of the year 2017, the patients have been experiencing an 11% increase in the out-of-pocket costs in comparison to the previous year, i.e the average cost has gone up to $1,813 from $1,613.

Physiotheraphy Management System


This system is built to be a fast, mobile responsive offline system that is privately hosted on the client's premises. The system helps therapists manage their patient-related information.