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Apple changed the world when it launched the first iPad in 2010 and as of now several generations of iPads have been launched and 170 million iPad have been sold touching millions of lives. Building a powerful and compelling iPad App for your business needs or enterprise needs is imperative

Why care to   
design for the iPads?

iPads and powerpoint presentations are the “bread and butter” for any top level business executive. Looking at the daily sales figures, presentations shared by colleagues, viewing customer reports and sending emails - an iPad is the best device that a CXO would carry all the while.

Massive Enterprise Adoption

iPad has seen massive adoption within the enterprise market. A mobile device with easy touch navigation and a generous screen is also helpful for the IT department for a number of purposes.

Increased Customer Engagement

An interactive design of your iPad app increases customer engagement significantly. We build a customized iPad app to get the most from its features.

Data Collection on-the-go

Field agents with iPads can work 2x faster than the ones with just mobile phones. 

Hire IPad Developer

Right from building simple apps to the most complex solutions, Ontoborn’s rich talent pool has engineered and nailed every bit of the IOS infrastructure! Our professional iPad app developers are also well-trained experts in various industry standard software development kits, programming languages and technologies in providing advanced iPhone application development services. We have extensive experience in designing iPad application development projects and also successfully offer services to many different industries and businesses.

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