Healthcare Software  - the need of the hour

We all know about the limitations of EHR, in today’s environment with value-based caretaking the lead and the meaningful usage of systems are no more an obligation but compulsion, there are too many restrictions in the workflow of the traditional electronic health records.  

EHR is built to solve the problems of yesterday, which is to keep patients health data in a digital format, however it does not have the capabilities that individual speciality in a healthcare ecosystem will need, for example: the needs and the workflow of the orthopaedic care will be a lot different from oncology workflow.

One of our client’s approached us in building a speciality driven solution for 'Behavioural Healthcare’, the reason is to document and track relevant behavioural health and physical health information of patients.

According to a recent study done in about 10 diverse practices, 7 of the practices were found recording all information in a single EHR, whereas 3 practices were leveraging one system for primary health information and another for behavioural health.

It is never easy for providers to operate on multiple systems as it necessarily means duplication of patient records in one or more systems, which will result most often in lack of consistency and less optimum usage of software, in fact the practices will find it record keeping complicated in the presence of a solution rather than in the absence.

What’s our agenda for the Healthcare software?

To develop a robust solution that covers all the needs of behavioural healthcare providers and brings the data all-in-one dashboard, giving them the insights from across the systems that are deployed.

In other words, we were asked to build a solution that works collaboratively with the existing health IT systems, but add a whole new value by leveraging the present conditions.

Unlike most of the solutions in the market, we decided to build a platform that is patient-centered, which offers solutions for addiction treatment, behavioral health, child and family services, home health, and hospice

From extensive research we realized the importance to not cover only the needs of the practices, in addition to that, our platform is designed in the patient-centric fashion to accommodate the workflow of behavioural healthcare practices.

How is our Healthcare Software a Turn-key solution ?

The product is built considering the various needs of the specialty, from patient on-boarding to reporting, We have gone through the cycle of patient care, clinical operations and reporting to the finest detail and comprehended the workflow of the system based on our intensive research and learning.

We have segregated the needs of the practices into 3 components



The treatment component of the platform has the capabilities from the patient intake, scheduling, treatment planning, progress recording and clinical record maintenance.



Billing module accommodates the various sources of reimbursement like grants, fee for services,
AOD and Mental health, custom invoices, etc.



Reporting is one of the core functionalities of our platform, it helps our client’s in generating periodical reports that meet the requirements of state or federal compliance also facilitates them with accurate data representation from all sources to assist them in making informed decisions.

How does our healthcare software work ?

Removing all limitations of interoperability, the platform has the capabilities to integrate data from all sources including enterprise healthcare IT systems making it possible to view in a single comprehensive dashboard for clinical and operational efficiency.

The solution has the array of features that are required to adhere to CMS meaningful use criteria, the workflow of the product comprehends the customized workflow, ensures program compliance helping the client’s to minimize the IT expense.

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