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Data Analytics

Top performing organizations are innovating on how they present BI and analytics insights. Data storytelling is one of the cornerstones of data driven decision-making process. Data storytelling serves as a self-service model of Business Intelligence,compounding exploratory data visualizations with commentary techniques resulting in superior engagement with stakeholders.

A time-focused data storytelling highly corelates in assisting decision makers:

What we need to do right now to take advantage of an opportunity?

Where should we target next?

What is expected next?

Tableau offers a highly interactive and intuitive visual-based exploration experience for
business users to easily access, prepare and analyze the data.

Gold standard for intuitive interactive exploration

Focus on customer experience and success

Expanding standardization rates

Flexible deployment options

Why hire Ontoborn consultants?

proven expertise

Proven Expertise

Each of our consultants have an experience of 5+ years. We have consulted for Fortune 500 clients primarily focused on exploiting tableau power to improve business performance.

qualified professionals

Qualified Professionals

We have a master’s in business administration degree and have focused their entire career in data storytelling.

within budget

Within your budget

Get maximum ROI

unparallel support

Unparalleled Support

We continue to provide valuable insights in solving real world business problems.