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Physiocare Offline System

Client: Physiocare, a Physiotherapy Clinic with senior and junior therapists.

Physiocare Management System was built to be a fast, mobile responsive offline system that is privately hosted on the client's premises. The system helps therapists manage their patient-related information. 


Their Problem

For the past 25 years, this clinic and its branches have been treating patients and athletes with manual physiotherapy techniques. Patients have prescribed weekly/monthly programmes. The biggest challenge had been to keep track of their patient data. When therapists traveled on tournament tours, their patients had to be treated by other available therapists. They had no record of the patient treatment visits. They wanted an offline system that would help therapists manage their patient visit-related information. But they were completely unsure of how the system would work.


The Ontoborn team stepped in, monitored their daily activities for a week and understood their processes. We architected and developed a simple, easy to use solution that is completely offline and is built with the latest stack. Now therapists can use their mobile phones and tablets to access their patient data on premises.


Industry's hottest stack Angularjs + Bootstrap + Materialize + Nodejs + Expressjs + Mysql 

Screen Shots

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