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Essential Skills

A Student quiz system that allows instructors to add quizzes and timed tests.

Learning Managment ES 2.0

Essentials Skills 2.0 is learning managment system built by Ontoborn Technologies for the Ohio State University. 

It has a very unique question display algorithm that improves the cognitive learning abilities of students.

Weekly Assignments

Instructors can schedule weekly assignments

Question Bank

Support for a question bank


Instructors can view, edit & download the gradebook

Technologies Used







Amazon Web Services


Client Feedback

By Dr. Andrew Heckler, Professor at Ohio State University Department of Physics
Ontoborn has built a software app from scratch for us. It serves thousands/week, and is in an educational setting, so it is critical that the app is highly dependable, student (and instructor) friendly, and secure. Overall, they have been excellent, and I would highly recommend them if you have need of developers with a broad range of abilities. They were very professional, hard working, mindful of details, and responsive. They don't say "no we can't do that", rather they find solutions. They are quick to learn new standards and methods when needed. They are friendly and easy to work with, and they care about the product, so that brings a special insight into achieving quality and finding creative and novel functionality. Finally, they understand critical, time sensitive issues and have been great at dealing with unexpected "crises".

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