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PHP Development

PHP development

PHP is world’s widely used open source platform that supports millions of website across the world. Some of the most famous websites run on PHP framework. PHP is one of the most flexible languages which offer developers opportunities to develop websites on PHP platform. It can embed with any application of third party that allows adding any feature that can get them advantage of technology over competitors. PHP comes with pre-built applications  and has large supporting features.

PHP powers some of the biggest websites on the Internet and is responsible for more than 35% of generated web traffic.75% of websites, including Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress and Yahoo use PHP for web development. Join the party.

It is used on all major operating systems, including Linux, many Unix variants (including HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS, and probably others. PHP supports  most of the web servers today. This includes Apache, IIS, and many others. And this includes any web server that can utilize the FastCGI PHP binary, like lighttpd and nginx. PHP works as either a module, or as a CGI processor.

So with PHP, you have the freedom of choosing an operating system and a web server. Furthermore, you also have the choice of using procedural programming or object oriented programming (OOP), or a mixture of them both.

 PHP’s abilities includes outputting images, PDF files and even Flash movies generated on the fly. You can also output easily any text, such as XHTML and any other XML file. PHP can auto generate these files, and save them in the file system, instead of printing it out, forming a server-side cache for your dynamic content.

Ontoborn focuses on PHP development.Our PHP programmers can convert your business idea to code that works. We at Ontoborn  actively follow happenings in the PHP world and keep ourselves updated. 



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