IOS APP Development [Hire Developers]

IOS APP Development

IOS APP Development

The IOS  App Store has touched a new milestone, it now has over a million apps with billions of downloads as of 2016. Consequently Apple is an undoubted leader in the mobile sector, which  made app development an industry in itself. Today, there are also  almost apps for everything. Every business needs an iPhone and an iPad app. Everything that Apple does has a huge impact on businesses and lives of people. The IOS7 saw the biggest upgrade the world has ever seen and Apple till now has paid out billions of dollars to app developers.

Building apps for Apple’s devices has always been such a wonder. We love the iPhone as you do! Who wouldn’t fall for its pristine beauty! Oh Steve Jobs, thank you for all your wonderful inventions. You’re a genius!

Handcrafting IOS apps requires a great deal of intrinsic development knowledge and  I bet not every Tom, Dick and Harry has that.

The IOS architecture follows the industry’s best maintainable MVC(Model View Controller) pattern of software engineering.If you would like to learn more about MVC, please visit the blog post that we have published here.

We have a team of developers who can give life to your ideas and develop Apps for iPhone and iPad’s. Our mobile application development team also consists of designers and developers who are well versed with the latest iOS version and experts in mobile UI designing and development. Since all our programmers are from a web design background, it helps us to establish a web service and develop apps based on it.

Ontoborn’s mobile application development team is aptly supported by Testing Team who are also immensely knowledgeable in testing mobile apps in various scenarios. We also test all our apps in various devices which have varying display screens. Furthermore for apps which runs on web services, we test using Unit Test and Load testing.

Right from building simple apps to the most complex solutions, Ontoborn’s rich talent pool has engineered and nailed every bit of the IOS infrastructure!



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