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Android app development

With billions of users worldwide using Android, it's no brainer why you should choose to build an Android app. Ontoborn is your one stop shop for all your android app development needs.

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Case Study:  School Business

The School-Business system is designed to be a service for educators, businesses and community members to enables educators to easily find knowledgeable persons who are willing to speak to classes of students.

Why develop Android apps?

With billions of users worldwide using Android, it's no brainer why you should choose to build an Android app.

Android – a fastest growing operating system of smartphone devices has been popular with its each update. Its versatile, user friendly applications & flexibility has made it more favorite.

There are more than 1.2 Million Android Apps available in Google Play and also close to 30 Thousand Apps added every month. Android is emerging as market leader in mobile platform, so it becomes necessary to have your App in Android more than iOS. The hardware which runs Android are also available in wide ranges which makes them a most viable platform to use for your startup ideas or for your business.

Android smartphones are leading the world and if you have an idea to build an app, you should also definitely build for Android. Hire our Android application developers to build your custom app.

Hire  Android Developer

Nowadays mobile phones have become more than a regular part in our daily lives. We at Ontoborn enable your business to gain that edge by building the right mobile application development service you need. The Smartphone device also adds more to what a regular phone can do making it a viable device to market business strategies and create newer avenues for business communication.

Ontoborn’s Android App development team has the right expertise and experience in building and scaling your app. Whether in an idea stage or in an MVP stage or seed funded, your startup needs the expert team that would earn your trust, envision your vision and build the best android app for you that you could ever get.


* Trustable, reliable and customer-friendly
* Expert Team with in-depth knowledge of the Android ecosystem
* Offshore Android Application Development team
* Punctual in delivering your projects
* Extremely affordable costs
* 24X7 Customer support
* World wide satisfied clients